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Warsaw Tower block Hotel
Warsaw Tower block Hotel View from Hotel window
Palace of Culture
Palace of Culture Coloured cows everywhere
Palace of Culture Palace of Culture
Road_AlJerozolimske Presidential Residence
Church Virgin Mary  
Church St Anna's Royal Castle
Castle Square Swietojanska Road
Market Square Market Square
Market Square Market Square
The Bardican  
Koscielna Road  
Zamek Krolewski??? Not for people with bad backs
Warsaw Uni??? Lublin
Another Tower Block Hotel Cathedral Tower
  Pl Zamkowy
Lublin Castle  
Pl Po Farze Pl Po Farze
Ul Grodzka Rd Lublin Rynek
Lovely Town Friendly People
Relaxed Brilliant Food
Cathedral Cathedral
Nowy Ratusz BramaKrakowska
  Pl Zamkowy
  Smack Bar
Krakow Museum ??
Cathedral Cathedral
Cathedral River Wista
Sandomierz Tower Royal Palace
Sw PiotraI Pawta UlFranciszkanska
  Rynek Glowny
Rynek Glowny Kosciot Mariacki
Ul Florianska  
Old Quarter Barbakan
  Krakow Station
  Tasty smoked sheep's cheese for sale
Tourist tat
Wooden Church More cows
Vernicular Looking down over Zakopane
Hay stacks Hotel we stayed in
 Cable car I'm thinking FA cup
  Our view of the mountains
It's misty up here Street busker
Bye Zakopane, what a lovely place